Texas Memorial Benches

Since 1999, Bergen Designs has been providing Texas memorial benches to our customers in Texas. It’s no surprise to us – especially since our home state gets many visitors from Texas, and they like bringing part of the mountains home with them to remember Colorado. Our memorial benches and garden benches are the most beautiful and natural you can find anywhere, and certainly more appealing – than the man-made look of granite of cheap concrete benches. Plus, the natural red stone color of our benches fits perfectly in the grand Texas landscape. So if you live in Dallas, Houston, San Antonia, Austin or anywhere in between and you are looking for a personalized memorial bench, then look no further than Bergen Designs!

We got the bench on Wednesday and it looks so good. We are going to work on setting it this weekend and when I get it just right I will send you a picture. Scott you are the best….thank you so much. It is exactly what I wanted. I have told so many people here about it and cannot wait to show it off.

Thanks again, have an amazing day!
Julie – Austin, Texas


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From the Mountain to You- From the Rocky Mountains comes the hardest Red Flagstone in the world and it allows us to create the most natural looking benches that are so much more appealing than the man made look of concrete memorial benches or a granite memorial bench! Most benches you find online are imported from overseas where at Bergen Designs they are Made in the good old U.S.A.!

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Why Choose Bergen Designs Memorial Benches

“Truly the most Beautiful and Natural looking Memorial Bench to honor your loved one”

Let us help you create a Therapeutic Memorial Healing Garden

The most popular settings for our memorial and garden benches are the private gardens of people wishing to create a memorial to appreciate within their own landscape. We are honored to help all the people who trust us to create the most beautiful memorial bench for their loved ones.

Polly Case Bench

Helping to Create what people refer to as a “Healing Garden” using our beautiful natural stone memorial benches.

We create the most beautiful natural stone memorial benches that you can find anywhere, perfect for your personal garden and so much more inviting and beautiful than the man-made look of concrete and granite offered at other companies. Our benches are personalized with your inscription and shipped directly to you. The assembly takes less than an hour to complete and you are left with a beautiful memorial to last a lifetime.

Bench W Back


Bergen Designs - Owner Scott LaurentWe can customize the rectangle flagstone top with a variety of options including art, a quotation, a name and dates or anything you feel best reflects your loved one’s style.

Personalized Custom inscription is included with pricing on all memorial benches. All of our benches can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and free delivery and setup is available for our customers in Colorado.


“The bench went together beautifully and smoothly.Great directions.The project is complete.You are so personable and I love your company. You do a fantastic job, not only with your product but with customer service as well.”Thank you again for making a special memorial come true! 

Karen G. – Dallas,TX


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The text you give us for inscription is engraved into the natural stone, making these memorial benches a beautiful personal reflection of your loved ones memory.

Memorial Bench Top for Private Gardens

Sample of Designs you can choose to add to bench corner at no additional charge.

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Sample Inscription 

Bergen Designs is currently adding 2 garden stones with design to every memorial bench purchase ($129.00 value). These garden stones are made from the same stone as the bench and family members can use the stones in their own personal gardens to help reflect on how beautiful the bench is.

Colorado Red Flagstone is one of the highest quality Red Flagstones in the world making it a great resource for stone masons and building architects.
It is used as a structural stone in many applications outdoors and the hardness is due to millions of years of compression during the Permian Age. The high levels of silica and quartz give it a hardness rating stronger than marble.

Technical Properties- Colorado Red Sandstone/Flagstone

Absorption 3.0% C97
Compressive Strength 10,000-20,000 C170
Modules of Rupture 1000-3358 C99
Abrasion Resistance 8 C241

Specific Gravity / 2.523 Unit Weight / 157.40
(Silica/95.54%, Aluminum Oxide/1.96%, Iron Oxide/0.10%, Calcium Oxide/0.50%,
Magnesium Oxide/0.58%, Cobalt/0.08%, Copper/Trace)
From our FAQ section below
How strong are your benches?
Our Red Flagstone is known as one of the strongest red rocks available in the World. The silica and sand consistency is what petrifies it to an incredibly durable compound. Unlike stone from other parts of the country, this red flagstone maintains its integrity and strength in all types of climates. The structural strength of this particular stone makes it suitable for use in a residential setting as well as at public parks and cemeteries. Most of our benches are used in private memorial gardens however if placing in a public area, you will need to check with the local rules and guidelines for parks and cemeteries as some have strict guidelines as to the type of stone being used and size of the bench and how it is installed. We cannot be responsible for orders placed prior to a customer getting approval for the bench to be placed in the intended environment, this is why it is important for the customer to have all the approvals prior to ordering the bench from us, as all sales are final.


Bergen Designs is a family owned business and since 1999 we have been creating beautiful benches for customers throughout the United States. Here at Bergen Designs, we have a commitment to bringing you the most unique, natural, one of a kind benches that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

From the Mountain to You- From the Rocky Mountains comes the hardest Red Flagstone in the world and it allows us to create the most natural looking benches that are so much more appealing than the man made look of concrete memorial benches or granite memorial benches! Most benches you find online are imported from overseas where at Bergen Designs they are Made in the good old U.S.A.! Thanks for your support.


Shipping has never been easier- Shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. We use the largest freight carrier in the world. In some very rural areas there might be an extra charge but that does not happen often.

Set up of the benches made easy- Along with each bench comes the instructions for assembly that takes less than an hour to complete. An epoxy is included and helps insure a bond with the top to the bases. A foundation is not needed underneath the bench unless the bench is being installed on a sloping hillside or an area subject to flooding.

Inscription included with Memorial Bench- Included in the price is the inscription which you can have up to 4 lines of text including name and date if needed. We also have many designs such as flowers, birds, cross, etc. for you to choose from. Once the order is placed with us, we work up several mock designs showing the text you desire in several variations for you to choose from.

“We would be honored to help with a memorial bench for you”

Scott/Owner Bergen Designs

Contact us via email at BergenDesigns@gmail.com