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Custom Memorial Benches - Made in USA

Our Custom Memorial Benches are chosen mostly for their unique ability to help create what are known as Contemplative and Therapeutic Memorial Gardens. Thousands of customers nationwide have placed these benches in private gardens, open space parks, cemeteries, churches, school and university settings.
Custom Personalized Inscription Included /Easy assembly/ Shipping to Anywhere in the U.S.A.   
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The Most Natural Looking and Beautiful Memorial Bench with your Custom Inscription.

“Our Benches Help Create a Therapeutic Reflection Garden”


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Custom Stone Memorial Bench - Jack
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Lyons Colorado - home of Bergen Designs flagstone
From the Top of the Rocky Mountains comes the hardest Natural Red Flagstone in the world. We use this special stone for all of our memorial benches!

Scott Laurent - Owner of Bergen Designs custom stone memorial benches

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Oneill Custom Memorial Bench



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Memorial Bench with Back - Testimonial


We create the most beautiful natural stone memorial benches that you can find anywhere, perfect for your personal garden and so much more inviting and beautiful than the man-made look of concrete and granite memorial benches offered at other companies. Our memorial benches are personalized with your inscription and shipped directly to you. The assembly takes less than an hour to complete and you are left with a beautiful memorial to last a lifetime.

  • Memorial Bench in Arizona
  • Classic Stone Memorial Bench
  • memorial bench with back
  • Custom Stone Memorial Bench - Tanya
  • Custom Memorial Bench - Jack
  • Custom stone memorial bench with curved top
  • Custom Stone Memorial Bench - Home Garden
  • Custom Memorial Bench - Cemetery setting

From the Mountain to You – From the Rocky Mountains comes the hardest Red Flagstone in the world and it allows us to create the most natural looking memorial benches that are so much more appealing than the man made look of concrete memorial benches or a granite memorial bench! Most benches you find online are imported from overseas where at Bergen Designs they are Made in the good old U.S.A.!

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