From the Mountains to You

From the Mountains to You

From the Mountain to You- From the Rocky Mountains comes the hardest Red Flagstone in the world and it allows us to create the most natural looking benches that are so much more appealing than the man made look of concrete or Granite! Most benches you find online are imported from overseas where at Bergen Designs they are Made in the good old U.S.A.! Thanks for your support.

The material used for our benches comes from an ancient sand dune in what’s known as the Colorado Rocky Mountains now, dating back 180 million years ago during the Permian Age. The trade winds blew quartz sand to build these dunes larger than the Sahara Desert and it took millions of years to compress.

The silica and sand consistency in those ancient sand dunes is what petrified it to an incredibly durable compound. Unlike stone from other parts of the country, this red flagstone maintains its integrity and strength in all types of climates. The structural strength of this stone makes it suitable for use in a residential setting as well as at public parks and cemeteries.

Colorado Red Flagstone is one of the highest quality Red Flagstones in the world making it a great resource for stone masons and building architects.
It is used as a structural stone in many applications outdoors and the hardness is due to millions of years of compression during the Permian Age. The high levels of silica and quartz give it a hardness rating stronger than marble.

Technical Properties- Colorado Red Sandstone/Flagstone

Absorption 3.0% C97
Compressive Strength 10,000-20,000 C170
Modules of Rupture 1000-3358 C99
Abrasion Resistance 8 C241

Specific Gravity / 2.523 Unit Weight / 157.40
(Silica/95.54%, Aluminum Oxide/1.96%, Iron Oxide/0.10%, Calcium Oxide/0.50%,
Magnesium Oxide/0.58%, Cobalt/0.08%, Copper/Trace)