Frequently Asked Questions

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How strong are your benches?

Our Red Flagstone is known as one of the strongest red rocks available in the nation. The silica and sand consistency is what petrifies it to an incredibly durable compound. Unlike stone from other parts of the country, this red flagstone maintains its integrity and strength in all types of climates. The structural strength of this particular stone makes it suitable for use in a residential setting as well as at public parks and cemeteries. You will need to check with the local rules and guidelines for parks and cemeteries as some have strict guidelines as to the type of stone being used and size of the bench and how it is installed. We cannot be responsible for orders placed prior to a customer getting approval for the bench to be placed in the intended environment, this is why it is important for the customer to have all the approvals prior to ordering the bench from us, as all sales are final.

Are the benches made for outdoor use?

All of the benches are made for outdoor use, all year long. There is no need to bring them inside in the wintertime, regardless of whether you live in Colorado or anywhere in the US.

Are the benches difficult to assemble when shipped to us?

The benches are designed to set up and assemble with little difficulty. Depending on which type of bench you have purchased, they all come with instructions for assembly that require you to level the area and set up the bases and top according to the instructions. Once the area is leveled, the average time to assemble most of our benches is less than 1 hour. *The bench with back may take longer to install.

Other than the designs listed on your website, are there any other design options to add along with the text for the memorial benches?

You may choose one of our listed designs or you can let us know of an image you might be interested in and we can search to find a suitable clip art figure that will work for blasting into the stone. * Please note that the intricate design of some clip art designs make them unsuitable for blasting into natural stone.

Can I seal the bench top when I assemble it?

Bergen Designs Benches are shipped natural with no sealer and although not necessary, a sealer can possibly make the stone easier to keep clean. Most people however, decide to leave the stone top natural and periodically rinse it off with a water hose or pressure cleaner. *Please note that there are currently no good options for an anti graffiti sealer that can be used on the benches as some city parks require. We have a detailed guide for cleaning your bench due to tree pollen, animal waste, dust, etc. We also make a touch up kit for those instances where aggressive cleaning has removed part or all of the lettering.

What is your return policy?

Because each piece is custom designed, all Sales are Final. When shipping, we assume all responsibility for it arriving in good shape. Any pieces that are broken during shipping will be replaced no additional cost. Only broken pieces can be returned.

* You must contact us immediately after the shipment is received to document any broken items. We will not be responsible for replacing any items that are not reported to us immediately after the shipment is received (within 24 hours). We also will not be responsible for pieces broken by the customer while moving or installing.

**Please keep in mind that all of the pieces are naturally quarried and every piece has a bit of character from the millions of years of formation and compression along with the mining and cutting processes. Scratches, hairline fissures, mineral deposits, and other imperfections are considered normal and will not affect the strength of the stones used for benches, tables and signs. Remember the beauty of natural stone is that it is not man made so enjoy the beauty of what Nature and God have created.