Creating a Feng Shui Bagua Map

Creating a Feng Shui Bagua Map

Creating your Bagua Map is the first step if you’re going to create a room or garden environment that follows the tenets of Feng Shui.

The Western form of the Bagua Map – Black Hat Sect – is usually the easiest to follow, and we’ll outline the steps here. For other more involved forms check out Classical Feng Shui.

The Bagua Map consists of 9 areas – so for step one create a grid of 9 rectangles that can be laid over a blueprint of your home. You can create a blueprint of your home using grid paper – or, if your home is newer, you may be able to contact your builder for a floorplan. You can also use this map for a single room or even your desk. If you are extending your Feng Shui to your outside spaces, just continue your energy flow from your overall house grid. For example, to extend your Bagua Map to include your outdoor spaces, start your “mouth” at the driveway – this is the starting point for your Chi flow.


Align the lower part of your grid with the front door.

Then, box-by-box, assign the 9 sections of the grid:

First Row, the lower part of the grid (Left to Right)

  • Far Left –  Personal Growth and Cultivation

  • Center – Career / Path in Life

  • Far Right – Helpful People / Blessings

Second, or Middle Row (Left to Right)

  • Far Left – Health / Family

  • Center –  Center / Heart / Yin Yang

  • Far Right –  Children / Creativity

Third, or Upper Row (Left to Right)

  • Far Left – Prosperity/ Abundance

  • Center –  Fame / Reputation

  • Far Right –  Love / Marriage