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Are you planning on a fundraiser for your church? Bergen Designs has helped many churches across the country raise money for building projects through our memorial bench and stepping stone donation programs. We can help your church put together a program that will help you raise money. We offer a “Stone By Stone” program (where parishioners donate and purchase a custom natural stone stepping stone that is displayed at your church or a “In Memory” Memorial Bench fundraising program. Your parishioners will love our natural stone stepping stones and memorial benches – and they fit in beautifully with the decor of most churches.

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Shipping is Easy and Installation by customers takes less than an hour to complete, leaving you with the most beautiful natural therapeutic garden to honor your loved one.

“In Memory” Memorial Bench Fundraising Opportunities

Our benches are the most natural looking and appealing you can find anywhere compared to standard granite or concrete benches that look man made. If you compare a Bergen Designs Memorial Bench to a concrete, man-made bench, you will find that our memorial benches are larger, more sturdy, and more natural than a concrete bench. We ship directly to you with instructions for assembly that take less than an hour to complete. No foundation is needed underneath the benches as long as the area is relatively flat and not a sloping hillside.

The cost for the memorial benches range from $699 and up depending on the style. The donations tend to be 3-4 times the amount per bench. For example, donations are typically in the $2,000- $5,000 range and it gives the parishioner the chance to have a lifetime memorial bench placed at the church with inscription. Our memorial benches are also a great way to provide two levels of participation in any fundraising program – the Memorial Bench Level with a higher donation requirement, and then our Stepping Stone program will help give your parishioners and opportunity to donate at a lower level.













Church Memorial Bench - Natural Stone

Memorial Bench for Churches


Our building fundraising project for the church was a great success in part to the help of Scott at Bergen Designs for the lovely benches and stones that parishioners chose to be placed on the church property”
Tony Fink, Director of Building and Fundraising project
Our Lady Of The Mountains Church in Estes Park